Synergy Escrow was founded in 2002 with the intention of making every escrow transaction effortless and has provided unyielding support towards every transaction. Almost fifteen years later, Synergy Escrow is proud to turn our intentions into a reliable service every day. We serve at a world class level while personalizing every client’s needs and have helped thousands of families and individuals attain their dream of being a home owner.

The assurance of funds is vital for every home transaction and at Synergy Escrow, we strive towards excellent Security, Customer Service, and Assurance.

While in a home transaction, most clients are overwhelmed with their home purchase. Synergy Escrow provides the peace of mind to consumers that until the transaction is complete, their funds are secure. Safety and Security are the pillars of Synergy Escrow, we give confidence to those to trust in our Escrow and will stop at nothing to protect our clients.

Customer Service
Our staff has a combined 20 years of experience in the escrow industry. Our founders have a combined 30 years in the housing industry and have been involved in all aspects of every real estate transactions. From selling your house to financing it and everything in between, Synergy Escrow has seen almost every imaginable scenario and its solutions. Synergy Escrow has also established relationships with the top lenders, realtors, title companies and everyone that is involved in making owning your home a reality.

Allow our team of trusted escrow officers and advisors make your dreams come true today! The result is a world class experience for you in one of the most important purchases in your lifetime. Our assurance has been the passion behind our quality of work and has been renowned for many years. It is and always will be our honor to serve you.